Economic Development

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

As the Bay Area grows, so will Brentwood. Currently over 70% of Brentwood residents that work, commute outside of Brentwood to go work everyday. At the same time, we do not have many citizens from other cities that come to Brentwood to work everyday. That leaves us with very little 'daytime traffic' during the week, which is why companies like Cheesecake Factory and Apple are reluctant to open stores in Brentwood. Those stores cannot survive off of weekend traffic alone. They need a 'dense' population of people here regularly during the week.

That means that we need more physical bodies here during the daytime, during the week, with healthy disposable incomes or corporate dollars to spend. 

Ultimately, we need more quality, high-paying jobs in Brentwood. For some residents, that will mean no more commute and better quality of life. For the city coffers, that means increasing income without having to get it from Brentwood residents. Rather, people from other cities will come here to work, spending their lunch money in Brentwood and running daytime errands in Brentwood. That also means company parties and luncheons are planned locally, using mainly Brentwood businesses. Business lunches are regularly paid for with corporate credit cards. Tourism businesses sometimes collect 'tourism' fees.

These benefits of 'daytime traffic' will definitely stabilize existing businesses in Brentwood. As well, it stimulates growth for additional business, usually in wider varieties.

Right now, we have a wonderful bedroom community, where most residents spend little time actually at home because of the 3 hour, round trip commute everyday during the week, in addition to taking care of their children and family. There is very little variety in recreational activities close to home, various retail options are very limited and there is little to no entertainment.

Bringing a variety of quality jobs, including office, healthcare, union, tourism and entertainment, will only bring positive results to the residents of Brentwood and the city income, without taking money out of our Brentwood residents pockets. We have to find a way to stop expenses from outpacing income, both in our households and with our city's budget. 

If planned intelligently and executed efficiently, this will happen within the next 5 - 10 years and bring benefits to the city sooner than later. There are certain types of industries that put very little additional stress on government services, like the police department and fire department. Businesses in those types of industries are who we need to primarily target and secure.

PA-1 - High Density Area

Currenty, according to the City of Brentwood General Plan, a large area to the west of CA4, between Lone Tree and Sand Creek, is legally designated as a future high-density development area. PA-1 and downtown Brentwood are the most logical choices for bringing in more professional jobs. Click the link below to learn more about PA-1.

Click Here for PA-1 Info