law & order

Brentwood Police Department

The Brentwood Police Department is one of the finest in the nation. They are very responsive and treat ALL people fairly, regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation. Our city is fortunate to have such a diverse and knowledgeable police force. As well, they do 'community policing'. 

As a resident and as the Senior General Manager of The Streets of Brentwood, Mike Jones has witnessed first hand, on several occasions, the real work that these brave women and men have performed, time and time again.

We need to look out for the finest and most courageous women and men of Brentwood. Currently, they are one of the lowest paid police forces in East County, which hurts retention. They also account for 40% of our budget, which means that they consume a major part of our tax income.

That means, at some point sooner than later, we need to find new revenue streams, ones that don't tax our citizens. Our candidate has a realistic, attainable plan, that would address this situation, in the favor of the city and our police department. ;)

NOTE: Mike Jones was recently asked to join the Board of Directors for Brentwood Police Activities League (PAL). He has happily accepted that position.