Brentwood Agriculture

Brentwood Corn

The best corn in the world!!! When Mr. Jones grew up in the Washington, DC area, the most popular seasonal corn to buy was 'Brentwood Corn'. Little to his knowledge, would he live in the backyard of this world iconic corn 20 years later. :)

Farm-to-Table No Brainers

Between the Brentwood farmers and farmers located in the unincorporated potions of East County, we have a natural ability to become known as a DESTINATION city for Farm-to-Table, fresh food restaurants in the Bay Area. Attraversiamo is an example of a Brentwood restaurant that has become a 'destination restaurant', as a large portion of thier customer base does not live near Brentwood. Sacramento claims the title of 'Amerrica's Farm-to-Fork Capital'. I think we can easily pull that title from them, with proper coordination and leadership. Check it out: 

Tourism District Investment

We are not going to give away our ideas or intentions for competitive reasons. But,... let's just say that there are a few  very common sense ways to invest in our agricultural community, making them a prime target to build a very large tourism industry around, for the City of Brentwood and East Contra Costa County.

That 'tourism' income will largely come from people who are NOT Brentwood residents. Instead, people from other cities contribute to our city income, and the farming industry income grows... Why not have our own 'Brentwood Winery Valley'. Just a thought...